• Advance Praise

  • "We need government to be more innovative and inventive, and in We the Possibility, Mitchell Weiss shows that achieving it isn’t a pipe dream. It’s within our reach."

    -Michael R. Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City and Founder of Bloomberg LP & Bloomberg Philanthropies

    "This extraordinary book vanquishes the idea that government innovation is an oxymoron. The status quo, he reminds us, can present the biggest risk of all. Through deft combinations of public sector adventure stories and thoughtful analysis, Weiss leads readers out of the dead-ends of binary thinking (government = bad; tech sector = good -- or vice versa) and into a world in which government is as flexible, imaginative, and hopeful as the people it serves."

    -Jennifer Bradley, Founding Director, Center for Urban Innovation at the Aspen Institute

  • "Mitch Weiss is one of the world's best thinkers about government innovation - and I've been waiting years for him to write a book. I'm pleased to say it's been worth the wait - We The Possibility is chock-full of great ideas for transforming the public sector. Essential reading for anyone who wishes government was more capable and creative - this book shows how that dream can become a reality."

    -Rohan Silva, Former Senior Policy Adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron

    "As an optimist and businessperson who started several companies before I served in government, We the Possibility struck a chord with me. At the Department of Commerce, we hung a sign in our office that read, “trust your crazy ideas,” which continually encouraged us to unleash innovative thinking, experimentation and an entrepreneurial spirit for the benefit of America’s businesses and workers. Mitchell Weiss captures this mantra well by offering a myriad of examples that show how to make our government operate better at a time when we most need it to solve tectonically significant challenges and create more inclusive opportunity for all Americans. This compelling book is well worth a read."

    -Penny Pritzker, Entrepreneur; Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce

  • "In a sector crying out for innovation but where politics punishes failure, Mitch Weiss shows us how and why thoughtful risk-taking in public policy and government is the path to a hopeful future."

    -Deval Patrick, Former Governor of Massachusetts

    "America's social contract is in tatters and the moment to rewrite it is now. To do so requires new voices with new ideas that will reanimate our democracy. Mitchell Weiss is one such voice and We The Possibility provides exactly the kind of framework to make our new ideas a new reality and help deliver a better democracy."

    -Alec Ross, Author, The Industries of the Future (New York Times Bestseller); Former Senior Advisor for Innovation to the U.S. Secretary of State

  • "We the Possibility is an important book for public sector leaders looking to build bridges between government and top innovators in science and technology. To bend the arc of progress towards public good, we must confront the dilemmas of emerging technology by shifting our mindset to public sector entrepreneurship."

    -Ash Carter, Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School; Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

    "Innovation is hard. Innovation in government is a lot harder. Mitch Weiss, one of the leading experts on civic innovation, has written an inspiring and practical guide to the art of the possible, of actually getting new things done in government."

    -Dan Doctoroff, Founder and CEO, Sidewalk Labs

  • "As the mayor of one of America's largest cities, it's clear that governments are too often tied to staid approaches to keep pace with a rapidly changing country. That was true even before we began trying to address a global pandemic, civil unrest, demands to address longstanding racial inequities, the threat of climate change, the impact of automation and globalization on our workforce, mass unemployment, and a lack of access to affordable housing and healthcare. Fortunately, this book provides a road map for local leaders who want to create a culture of public entrepreneurship that encourages the kind of fresh thinking that can lead us to the innovative solutions our times require."

    -Eric Johnson, Mayor, Dallas, TX

    "Now more than ever, policymakers must ask what’s possible rather that settle for what’s probable. As Mayor it often feels as though we’re supposed to stick with what we know, but to meet the demands of the largest problems of our day, COVID, Climate, Racial Justice, we must innovate and accept the risk that it might not all work - to build, measure, and learn. We the Possibility provides a guide and, importantly, the inspiration and insight we need to step into the unknown in pursuit of the best solutions to meet our communities’ needs today and well into the future."

    -Lauren McLean, Mayor, Boise, ID

  • "We the Possibility is full of stories I loved reading. They demonstrate how we can be more open to taking calculated risks. The distinction the book draws between probability and possibility government is illuminating, and something I would like to remind myself as I govern."

    -Nan Whaley, Mayor, Dayton, OH

    "At a time when our problems seem to be getting bigger and bigger and our minds and hearts seem to be getting smaller and smaller, governments need to be able to try more, fail more, and succeed more. Mitch Weiss offers us a way forward through Possibility Government, presenting practical and thoughtful solutions for how we can generate new ideas, test them, and replicate good ones."

    -Naheed Nenshi, Mayor, Calgary, Alberta

  • "We see increasing public frustration with government’s inability to find answers to the basic problems at the forefront of our everyday lives. As Mayor in today’s evolving and escalating web of challenges, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for government deliver answers that will actually improve people’s lives. Amidst this paralysis, Professor Weiss brings critical lessons for leaders of governments in a time of unprecedented need. We the Possibility defines both what is lacking in government problem solving, and maps out a path forward for governments to actually innovate and meet the challenges of today."

    -Tim Keller, Mayor, Albuquerque, NM

    "First 'Possibility Government' is working everywhere! From stories in cities large and small -- on high-tech innovations like Mayor Bill Peduto's approach to autonomous driving in Pittsburgh to Mayor Melvin Carter's fresh thinking on library cards in St. Paul.

    Second, Oklahoma City is a 'Possibility' kind of place! Countless times across my 4 terms as mayor, we saw our willingness to try new things -- and think in new ways -- as the main marker of successful, value-creating work.

    And Third: WE THE POSSIBILITY has a lot to offer for a long time. These ideas are important everywhere because they can be put to use -- literally everywhere.

    Mitch Weiss has gained a reputation as a genius in the govtech and public innovation world -- and this book makes it easy to understand why. If you care about your city, your state, and the future of democracy -- READ THIS BOOK! And then put the Power of Possibility to work for your community.

    -Mick Cornett, former mayor of Oklahoma City, OK